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Round Folding Stools Portable Lightweight Plastic Stool,Telescoping Stool,Adjustable Outdoor Travel Camping 330 Lbs endurable capcity , ,Fishing Garden Folding Stool


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  • [Best Portable Folding Stool] This is probably the best foldable stool for home, travel, garden and more scenarios. Users can fold and unfold the stool with little efforts. In folding status, you can easily carry it anywhere you go;
  • [Adjustable Height & Space Saving Step Stool] With ergonomic and considerate design, this foldable stool is only 2.7 inch in height after being folded. And it's 17.7 inch when fully opened up. Weight is 2.86lbs only no matter you fold or unfold it;
  • [Durable Materials & Anti Slip stool] Durable plastics are used for the maximum product life of this portable stool. Anti-slip design makes it a great companion at home or for outdoor activities;
  • [Unique & Innovative Structure] This portable stool is a brand new design in market. Users pull from the two ends to unfold the stool. And you can control the certain height you want. With this innovative structure, the stool can hold up to 300 pounds securely;
  • [Perfect Choice for Household and Outdoor Adventures] This compact stool can replace any chairs at flat or offices, and make the best of your space. You can also put it in your trunk for your next travel. It will be greatly helpful.